Our product D-Icom ACQ is made for non-DICOM acqusition of images and assigment to existing orders or patients according to an IHE conform modality.


D-Icom ACQ aquires images from different sources. The images aquired can be assigned to scheduled orders, existing studies or patients. This can happen through a call to a DICOM Modality Worklist, by investigating a HL7 Message or unscheduled by hand. The responses to the information system are done by DICOM MPPS. Prior to sending the images can be modified. All images are stored locally as long as the archive did not take over responsibility (e.g. Storage Commitement). With local compression the images lossy or lossless, network ressources are preserved.

  • Bitmap Files
  • TWAIN Scanners
  • Microskopy Cameras
  • X-Rax Scanners
  • Framegrabber, Videocapture
  • DICOM Files
  • Import Reconciliation (DICOM adaptation "on the fly")

Optional functions are transcoding data from older medical image formats (e.g. ACR-NEMA 2.0).


  • Import and export of bitmap files
  • Import of images from all Twain sources
  • Datamanagement in different folders
  • Image display in series windows
  • Image modifications and annotations
  • Export by DICOM send with automatically bruned in annotations in overlays or pixel section
  • Printing on Windows GDI printers
  • Search and retrieve through Query/Retrieve-Client (Q/R-SCU)


Dicomization is performed automatically

  • Take over order data from a radiology information system by Worklist or XML
  • Import patients date from a HL7 dataset
  • Append a new series to an existing study

By hand

  • Entering the patient and order data


  • Insert text or grafic (annotation)
  • Reorder or swap images in series or study
  • Turn/Flip of images or complete series
  • Crop or cut of rectangular sections
  • Fill section (anonymize)
  • Color- or grayscale correction (directly or by MOD-LUT)

Optional Modules

  • Interface to microscope DXM 1200/F by Nikon
  • DICOM Print-Module: Print to DICOM printer directly
  • Videocapture with Matrox framegrabbers
  • Vidar XRay scanners

Security and Advance

  • Orientation on praxis

The software can be adapted to every medical workflow and is intuitive usable. However it is felxibel since all functions can be used individually.

  • Conformity

Our product is IHE-conform to the SWF Profile of the radiology framework.

We guarantee conformity to the current DICOM standard.

  • Hierarchical documentation

Each task is documented tranparently for effectve investigations. Changes to documents can be retraced at all times.


  • Technological independence by conformity to standards
  • Fast processing of huge data
  • Effective due to scalability and automation