D-icom Archive is a DICOM document management system with intergrated Series Lifecycle Management Concept and a streaming based image distribution.

Archive receives, manages, distributes and archives all DICOM documents in all Transfer Syntaxes. The data of all wards is stored independently from databases and freely scalable. The definition of private classes and syntaxes is possible as well as the definition of further information models.

D-icom Archive levels load on network and storage by efficient compression of huge data volumes without affecting other domains. Highend compression and vertical integration of mass storages (HSM) lead to optimal utilization of all ressources and reduce latency, administration and energy costs.

A great number of standardized interfaces and formats assure independence from manufacturers and legal conditions. Modern compression guarantees efficient retrieval in the future, because compression is investment in data stock.

Intuitive usability and design of user interfaces according to workflow processes lead to enduring saving potential and increased reliability.


  • Central archiving and management of all documents from all DICOM modalities
  • Rulebased, intra-modality wardability (fractioning of data in functional areas, department, etc.) with scalable and extensible DICOM information and communication models
  • Recieving, processing, communication and archiving of all workflow messages
  • Series Life Cycle Management (SLM) with variable maturity, also within life cycle
  • Compression of huge data volumes with integrated streaming based image distribution
  • Stageless image compression (lossless and lossy), scalable by modalities
  • SLM build in authentication with qualified signatures
  • Documentation of all activities (Audit)
  • Integracted monitoring of system functionality and contignuous measurement auf quality parameters (self-monitoring)
  • Trouble shooting of communication by integrated on-site analysis


  • Receiving and sending of all classes in all transfer syntaxes
  • Standardized interfaces: DICOM, HL7, XDT
  • Integration of legacy data by DICOM Proxy
  • Storage of data volumes in official formats
  • Configuration in XML structures
  • Extension of existing HIS systems and integration of new domains


  • Configurable communikation server (HL7, XDT, etc.) for specialized integration and format harmonization
  • DICOM compatible AJAX based image distribution without active content needed in local browser
  • Databaseindependend (ADO-SQL, etc.)

Optionale Modules

  • D-icom JPView: Distribute documents efficiently with streaming technology
  • D-icom ACQ: non-DICOM image acquisition and workflow assignement


  • Optimization of archive ressources through powerfull compression
  • Transparency and documentation of all Series Lifecycle aktivities
  • Security of investment and manufacturer independency due to an open system
  • Usability, speed und assurement of future

Our product is IHE-conform to the SWF Profile of the radiology framework. We guarantee conformity to the current DICOM standard.